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Mutant Mass Review

Posted on 18th Apr 2011 @ 9:15 AM

Mutant Mass review:

Mutant mass is a weight gain supplement loaded with tons of calories and mass. It is a produced manufactured by PVL and falls under the category of supreme gainers. This product is ideal for those who work out daily for gaining weight and for building up muscles and aids in packing the hard earned muscular mass in the body. The effects shown by this weight gain supplement are simply incredible and slam as much calories into your body. Th3e manufactures of the product haves designed it keep the interest for the athletes and work out lovers. It also supplies sufficient power and calories demanded by these persons and enhance their strength. It develops rock hard muscles that you have always dreamt of having for your life in a rapid and efficient manner.


Mutant mass is a dense formula designed for the lean muscle gainers and is energized by some of the potent ingredients like concentrate of milk protein and whey protein, dextrose, fructose, maltodexttrin, waxy maize, corn solids, calcium caseinate, isolates of whey protein and milk protein, egg white protein, soya lecithin, potassium citrate, flax seed powder, guar gum and many others that supply high calorie content in the body. These contents of the supplement empower the formula and provide strength and mass to the body. Approximately, a thousand of calories are provided by one dosage of Mutant mass and this quantity is unparalleled to any other supplement in this category. As far as taste is concerned, it makes a good drink that should be taken one hour before and after the workout or after each meal on a non work out day. It is very essential to have it regularly to witness the results rapidly.


If you want to add mass to your lean muscles and enhance your body weight, then you should buy it today from the online stores where you can have it at very competitive prices. One pack of Mutant mass makes up about 30 to 40 servings and provides excellent results. Mutant mass is a high quality protein supplement for gaining weight and muscle mass and can easily turn a lean body to a fully muscular one. It will also enhance your working out strength and provides the desired muscular weight. Also it is easily absorbed by the body so the results are quick and very much satisfying. So order it now and feel the change.