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Reflex Instant Whey 5lb

Posted on 25th Apr 2011 @ 9:58 AM

Reflex Instant Whey 5lb

Instant whey from Reflex Nutrition is the best selling protein powder. After the intense research conducted, Reflex Nutrition launched its amazing body building product with an impressive blend of ingredients. Reflex instant whey 5lb is strictly formulated in accordance with ISO17025 standards. Everything about instant whey 5lb is just perfect: its performance, results, taste and mixing ability. There is no problem of clump formation and bad taste. It is available in different flavours including banana, blueberry, chocolate, fruit punch, strawberry, choc-mint and vanilla. Every flavour is equally liked by the customers and none of the negative feedbacks have been reported regarding its taste or effectiveness. Reflex instant whey 5lb is the only product that is sent for laboratory test after each finished batch. Quiet impressive and unique! Using whey protein isolate as its source of protein, instant whey 5lb has gained a lot of popularity and appreciation. This is because protein whey isolate is considered as the purest and most expensive protein form.


To ensure protein absorption, it is added with digezyme enzymes, lactospore, B.C.A.A’s, peptide bonded glutamine. Moreover it has got a biological value of protein owing to the presence of high proportions isolate protein. As far as the direction of servings is considered, you need to take two to three servings of reflex instant whey 5lb each day. One serving of instant whey 5lb comprises of 25g of powder that is around two scoops of the powder. You will get a free scoop with each pack of reflex instant whey 5lb. 5lb tub size is the standard size and medium tub size of instant whey, other two tub sizes being 2lb and 10lb. It should be taken with milk or water. This product with its continuous service dominates the body building market in quality and results. Making an online deal of buying the 5lb tub can fetch you great deals Like free shaker or blender cup, reduced prices and extra grams of instant whey powder. For body building, you won’t find any brand more trusted and effective. This is the choice of every other gym lover and hopefully you too.


Excellent price and fast results will make you a happy customer. Soon you will have a perfect health while balancing the nutritional aspect of your body. If you are to start with the process of body building, this would be the best initiative you can take.