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Posted on 2nd Jun 2011 @ 2:56 PM

Halal Supplements

Halal Sports Supplements

As the diversity of our fine country continues to alter, the necessity of niche food products be produced becomes increasing apparent. We receive daily requests at Cheap Discount Supplments to offer advice on what products are suitable for those requiring a Halal supplements option, and it has been surprisingly difficult to get confirmation from brands that their products indeed created to tailor for the Halal Supplements market. This week we received the first confirmation follwoing these requests and it actually came from one of our most popular brands, Applied Nutrition. The confirmation comes as below.

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Halal Protein Shakes

Capsule Declaration

 Our manufacturers can confirm that the Capsules used in all Applied Nutrition products do not contain and are not derived from SRM as defined in Regulation (EC)999/2001.

The capsules were produced using only Bovine Hide Gelatine made in Columbia, which is obtained from Cattle younger than 3 years of age. This Gelatine is BSE/TSE and Prion Free.

The capsules are certified as Kosher and Halal, and meet all requirements of current European Pharmacopoeia (EP) and United States Phamacopoeia (USP).


This declaration applies directly to the capsulated products created by Applied Nutrition and also extends to their dairy range. My consumers looking for alternatives on Halal Supplements can struggle to find weight gainer protein shakes and whey proteins that are Halal Approved Supplements. Applied Nutrition critical Mass and Applied Nutrition Nutriwhey now fulfill these catagories and offer a tasty way for those needing Halal Supplements to consume their proteins.