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Physical Edge - Boost your testosterone and amplify your workouts

Posted on 9th Feb 2011 @ 2:24 PM

Physical Edge - Boost your testosterone and amplify your workouts

Bring it on. The new world of sports supplementation has arrived, with the sudden appearance of mysterious brand Physical Edge onto the UK scene. Bringing out in simu-release, two hot, and highly talked about innovative formulas...

RAMPAGE - filling the gap in the market left when Jack3d original formula became reformulated, RAMPAGE, retains the original mental and physical stimulant required to create the most awesome and amazing training sessions you have ever experienced. With a higher active ingredient profile than Jack3D and more servings per container, RAMPAGE by Physical Edge becomes almost the default choice when it comes to pre workout mental clarity and euphoria. Want to feel the most tingling, exciting and focussed workouts you will ever experience to date, then try out Rampage and you will be very pleased with the results. Increasing muscle pumps and swells, and raw strength and workout aggression you can't go wrong with the potent mix of active ingredients in the Rampage formula. Read the exceptional reviews on Physical Edge Rampage on our Physical Edge supplements pages. Would you chose Rampage over Jack3d? We would....


Second to Rampage, Physical Edge release TESTO-DAA - the UK's first and only well reviewed D-Aspartic Acid Testosterone booster. With the impending demise of Pro hormones across the world, R and D teams at all of the biggest sport supplement companies are shifting their focus and intentions to the world of truly effective NATURAL testosterone support and elevation. DAA (or D Aspartic Acid) is the talk of the town. Teso-DAA contains the most potent and researched D-Aspartic Acid on the world market. If you're looking for a truly natural alternative to pro hormones, then Testo-DAA by Physical Edge is a certain winning choice for testosterone elevation to the maximum degree, where, you can see a definite 40 - 50% measurable increase in daily testosterone levels. Where you goal is focused on gaining the maximum strenght and size naturally and efficiently, the key being with health in mind, then you will succeed greatly by stacking Testo-DAA with BULLK by Anabolic Designs, and finally get rid of the need for dangerous Pro Hormone supplementation!