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Physical edge Rampage Better Than Jack3d

Posted on 21st Feb 2011 @ 5:01 PM

Physical Edge Rampage Better Than Jack3d?

RAMPAGE by Physical Edge Supplement, our Rampage Review

RAMPAGE versus Jack3d

Let's take a look at the latest rival to Jack3d. Appearing almost secretly, and sinister from the Research and Development labs of Physical Edge supplements arrived the most amazing pre workout product to hit the shelves in a long, long time.

Rampage by Physical Edge may be the new kid on the Pre-Workout Block, but this is one strong kid.

It is one of very few products that actually states on the label exactly what you are getting for your hard earned cash. No proprietary blends where your “well known” brands just sprinkle in the worthwhile ingredients.

Let's breakdown the Rampage label and compare the aggressively potent formula to that of the very popular USP Labs Jack3d. Essential serving per serving, revealed in the no nonsense label for Physical Edge, we see Rampage is stronger gram for gram. And user reviews of Rampage have certainly agreed with speculation. You can tell a great product from a great product, as it seems to SELL ITSELF with no need for ridiculous marketing or over hyped marketing budgets. Physical Edge Rampage is one of our best selling items, and we don't even need to mention it's name!

Per serving of Physical Edge RAMPAGE you are getting a massive and ultra effecitve 4000mg of a pump busting AAKG & Beta-Alanine combination. Couple that with powerful mental and physical stimulants Taurine, Caffiene and some serious kick in the butt (twice the dose almost to Jack3d) Geranium Oil root and all that is left is some serious training! You will, once you consume a serving of the Physical Edge Supplement, understand exactly why this item is known as RAMPAGE!

Oh, and if that wasn’t enough there is also some Creatine Monohydrate in there to help you get stronger and recover faster.

If you are tired of getting ripped off by brands that can’t afford to make products that work because of their advertising constraints then try something that does work.  

Rampage will give you the Physical Edge…

Compared to all of the top selling mainstream pre workout items on the shelf, we trialled Rampage out against them all with an independent consumer panel, and the decision was unanimous. Leaving the competition WAY behind, RAMPAGE came out on top as the best all round most effective pre workout supplement. The only product to come close to RAMPAGE was Jack3d, however, in total blind testing (no one to be placebo effected by mass marketing) RAMPAGE came out as the CLEAR winner! Well done to Physical Edge for formulating this pre workout supplement, and having the guts, to clearly label the ingredients omitting the need to hide behind some ludicrous proprietary blend as do so many other companies. RAMPAGE by Physical Edge has nothing to hide, and as you can read, is far more popular than even the famous USP Jack3d pre workout supplement.

Improve Your Rampage, Improve Your Results

We have to admit, although you can't improve on Rampage as a pre workout supplement, you can improve your overall mass and size gains considerably when using the correct supplements to support your goals. When your primary goal is to gain considerable lean muscle mass, and look your absolute massive best, then you want to stack Rampage with the world famous Critical Mass 2700 by Applied Nutrition weight gain protein formula - another top seller in our ranks of popular supplements. If your aim to become extremely hardcore and even potentially compete one day, then you're looking to pack on some seriously large amounts of muscle mass - you have probably heard of using Tren Bomb, or SD Matrix. Nothing will deliver quite so much size gains as these premium serious athletic products for the male bodybuilder.